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  1. Complete registration forms

  2. Please be sure to include a copy of physician medical license.

  3. Credit card info must be submitted. Vitamindrip® does NOT offer terms.


• Billing and accounting inquiries:
(647) 450-3400 or email:

Thank you for your interest in Vitamindrip®. We look forward to working with you!

Why purchase from Vitamindrip®?

• Our staff is very knowledgeable: Vitamindrip® has knowledgeable Pharmacists and other staff, educated on our specialties, to provide unparalleled support.

• Infrastructure: We have the infrastructure in place to receive and ll prescriptions very quickly. Prescriptions received by 5pm will ship the same day. We currently ll thousands of prescriptions each month!

• Beyond Use Date (BUD): Vitamindrip® performs all necessary testing to provide the longest BUD on our medications. This testing is performed by independent 3rd party, CGMP facilities and includes batch sterility, potency, endotoxin, method suitability, compatibility and
advanced stability testing. Without these tests, a pharmacy compounder can only provide
very short BUD’s without acceptable CGMP validations. Vitamindrip® can provide much longer BUD’s, which means more convenience for your patients, who can purchase more medication to last a longer period of time.

• Peace of Mind: As a registered FDA Outsourcing Facility,
Vitamindrip®’s medication, lab and equipment are held to a much higher standard than a traditional 797 compounder. All medication is held in quarantine for 14 days and not released until sterility and potency testing has been completed by a 3rd party laboratory. You can rest assured your patients are receiving the highest quality medication available.

• Vitamindrip® remains on the cutting edge of technology and safety, providing our patients
and physicians with the safest medication, best customer service and most convenient technology.

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