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Membership has its privileges

Your master key to Vitamindrip®‘s portfolio of  programs, services, and online educational tools. Register today to access everything Vitamindrip® has to offer. Vitamindrip® Membership boasts a variety of value-added services, tools and resources that you may be qualified to receive. Read below to learn more about each program.

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Official assets and educational materials

BrandBox is full of resources for your practice and patients. Once you register, you'll be able to download:

Office Materials

Presentations, brochures, questionnaires, and forms to make discussions with patients faster, clearer, and more productive.

Customizable Materials

Emails, counter cards, and brochures you can easily personalize with specific offers and contact information.

Find a doctor

Make it easier for patients to contact your office by creating a customized online biography.

With a Directory Listing on and, you have the ability to cast a wide net over an extensive database. This is the #1 resource consumers use to find IV Therapy doctors in their regions. This Listing Includes:


Your name, practice name, and contact information

Your photo and bio

Your specialty

A contact form that will be emailed directly to the address you provide, in order to help you follow up with leads

An enhanced, search engine optimized page to connect you with potential patients

Your listing statistics provided upon request

Special Vitamindrip® member rates

Receive exclusive rates that can help your practice.


Save up to 25% on Vitamindrip® products and pharmacy services

Save up to 50% on enrollment into advanced education programs and event registrations

“Attract new patients who have never considered an aesthetic procedure.”

Okay, I want more patients.
I am in. What do I have to do now?

Register today!

Membership - 1 Year + Directory Listing

Interested in an Upgrade or Corporate Membership?

A corporate membership allows you additional and supplementary benefits, in addition to the standard membership advantages.

While you will still have a directory listing, educational benefits and discounts, and the ability to advertise through our community, you will also receive:

A Featured Listing: Bold & highlighted with preferred search ranking

Longer Description including Images: 750 word description with the ability to upload an image

Ability to Embed a Video (highly recommended lead generator)

A Link to your Practice or Company Website

Ability to add up to two physicians as members

“I’ve been a Vitamindrip® Member for more than two years - I’m well supported by the team and I’ve been able to build my own profitable business within this successful brand.”

I want a Corporate Vitamindrip®

Register today!

Membership - Corporate - 1 Year + Directory Listing - Full

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